Belizean Textbooks

  • Living Together Series

    Living Together Series (3)

    Living Together: A Belizean Social Studies Series for Primary Schools is a curriculum-based course that provides teachers and students with textbooks, workbooks and teacher’s guides. The Series was written by experienced Social Studies experts and focuses on the importance of the students developing self-esteem, empathy and respect for themselves and others. The books are illustrated in full colour by Belizean…
  • Sounds and Letters Series

    Sounds and Letters Series (6)

    This series of Belizean storybooks with colourful illustrations supports young children developing literacy skills.
  • The Alchemy of Words

    The Alchemy of Words (2)

    These anthologies introduce students to the poetry, prose and dramatic works of our best Belizean writers.
  • The Explorer Series

    The Explorer Series (4)

    Specifically designed for the students of Belize, these three books provide an up-to-date overview of the history, geography, and the social and natural environment of our nation.