Cubola’s non-fiction books include the Belize Collection and Guide Books. If you are looking for our Textbooks and Atlases they are listed under their own categories.

  • Essential Guides

    Essential Guides (3)

    A collection of informative guides on Belize’s natural and cultural attractions.
  • Other non-fiction

    Other non-fiction (1)

    With more than 27 beautiful colour maps and plans, this monograph provides a fascinating perspective on the history of Belize as it was mapped in the 19th century. It gives an insight into the field of mapping and spatial knowledge at that time.  The author organises her study within four themes: territorial disputes between colonial powers, the estabishment of property,…
  • The Belize Collection

    The Belize Collection (7)

    Presents issues of Caribbean wide interest from a Belizean perspective contributing to the understanding of Belize’s past and present.