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Our Mission

To create a culture of publishing that contributes to the communication of ideas and encourages debate.

To promote Belize´s emerging and established writers, support the publication of academic research, and provide relevant, accurate, informative and engaging textbooks for the children of Belize.

Since 1973, Cubola Productions has been a pioneer in Belizean publishing. Our products cover a broad spectrum, from books and brochures to posters and public awareness campaigns. Our wide range of titles, targeted at both the academic and general markets include textbooks, specialist academic works, novels, short stories, poetry and tourist-oriented publications. We have a close working relationship with numerous government and non-government organizations and have been especially active in the area of sociology, anthropology and education. Many of our books are used in schools throughout Belize. Our efficient distribution network and quality publishing services have set the standard for publishing in Belize for over 30 years

Perhaps the most important aspect of our publishing enterprise is our sense of responsibility to positively contribute to Belize’s social welfare and provide an avenue to effectively transmit information on health, human rights and other issues vital to the citizens of our growing nation. We are perhaps best known for our educational text books that focus on social studies and literature from a uniquely Belizean perspective. The strength of our educational component lies in the quality design of the books and the well-balanced and researched content that is consistently updated with the latest information. We are proud to contribute, through these texts, to Belize’s most important resource, our children.

Cubola’s approach is always informative and educational, combined with high quality design and manufacture. Our staff and consultants comprise a diverse group of professionals who have collaborated on numerous projects. Included in our team are anthropologists, historians, political analysts, scientists, public health specialists in such topics as HIV/AIDS, educators, designers, graphic artists, photographers, journalists, poets, writers and many other professionals who are committed to providing top quality publications about Belize. We are also committed to the promotion of Belize’s emerging writers and the support of the academic community.

We have established on-going partnerships with Belize’s Universities and our director is a founding member and past president of the Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET), an association of independent publishers from four language groups. This non-profit organization recognizes publishing as a cultural enterprise and aims to contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of the Caribbean. The valuable links that have been established through this organization and similar networks around the world provide more opportunities for co-publishing, increased distribution, new technologies and professional training.

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