The Alchemy of Words Vol. 2


The second of two anthologies that introduce students to the poetry, prose and dramatic works of our best Belizean writers.

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The Alchemy of Words Vol. 2, An Anthology of Belizean Literature
Editor: Deryck Satchwell
Editorial team: Gail Brooks. Isela Garay, Luisa Gillet, Alva Marin, Emil Pulido and Yvette Sanker 

Paperback 132 pages
5th Edition – July 2015
ISBN: 978-976-8161-19-2

This is volume two of a two-volume anthology for High School students. This series is unique because all the material is by Belizean writers. The books focus on developing students? appreciation for the craft of writing and it provides a novel approach to teaching literature since the content and exercises relate to students? language and life experiences. The books also provide many opportunities for links with materials covered in the core subject syllabi of the new Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC).

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