Atlas of Belize and the World


Students will enjoy the Atlas of Belize and the World to learn about our country, the region, and our place in the world and solar system.

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Atlas of Belize and the World
36 Maps & Over 80 Diagrams and Photographs
Author: Educational Task Force

Paperback: 64 pages
Size: 9″  x 11″ 
First Edition: March 2011
ISBN: 978-976-8161-36-9

A must in any home library! This comprehensive atlas is a reference tool for the family and caters to the needs of Standard 6 and 1st and 2nd forms. This state of the art resource draws on the latest cartographic information. As the title implies, as well as detailed coverage of each of Belizes’s districts, it includes maps of Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, the USA, and physical and political maps of the world and of each continent.

The section with thematic maps shows different aspects of demographics which help place Belize in a worldwide context. 

With its detailed Index, this atlas will be indispensable to students, and will also be a valuable resource for primary school teachers and anyone wishing to add a comprehensive Atlas of Belize to their libraries.  

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