• Fiction

    Fiction (13)

    Cubola's extensive collection of fiction includes several anthologies of short stories, Belizean women writers, poems, plays, folktales, legends and books in Spanish.
  • Belize Literary Prize

    Belize Literary Prize (3)

    Stories by the winners of the Belize Literary Prize, established by the BBIA in 2013.
  • Belizean Writers Series

    Belizean Writers Series (8)

    Anthologies of short stories, drama, poetry, women writers and folklore. A wonderful insight into the life and the reality of Belize.
  • More Belizean Fiction

    More Belizean Fiction (2)

    Belizean fiction books not included in a series
  • Non-fiction

    Non-fiction (11)

    Cubola's non-fiction books include the Belize Collection and Guide Books. If you are looking for our Textbooks and Atlases they are listed under their own categories.
  • The Belize Collection

    The Belize Collection (7)

    Presents issues of Caribbean wide interest from a Belizean perspective contributing to the understanding of Belize’s past and present.
  • Essential Guides

    Essential Guides (3)

    A collection of informative guides on Belize’s natural and cultural attractions.
  • Other non-fiction

    Other non-fiction (1)

    With more than 27 beautiful colour maps and plans, this monograph provides a fascinating perspective on the history of Belize as it was mapped in the 19th century. It gives an insight into the field of mapping and spatial knowledge at that time.  The author organises her study within four themes: territorial disputes between colonial powers, the estabishment of property,…
  • Belizean Textbooks

    Belizean Textbooks (18)

    Cubola has published the following series of educational and textbooks for school children of Belize. Living Together-Explorer Series-Literary Anthologies These books are often used as textbooks in Belize and are useful educational tools for students of all ages and locations. Discover the Alchemy Series, a two-volume anthology of Belizean literature; the Living Together Series of social studies textbooks; the Explorer…
  • The Explorer Series

    The Explorer Series (4)

    Specifically designed for the students of Belize, these three books provide an up-to-date overview of the history, geography, and the social and natural environment of our nation.
  • Living Together Series

    Living Together Series (6)

    Living Together: A Belizean Social Studies Series for Primary Schools is a curriculum-based course that provides teachers and students with textbooks, workbooks and teacher’s guides. The Series was written by experienced Social Studies experts and focuses on the importance of the students developing self-esteem, empathy and respect for themselves and others. The books are illustrated in full colour by Belizean…
  • Sounds and Letters Series

    Sounds and Letters Series (6)

    Belizean children’s stories The stories in this collection of four books will encourage your children to enjoy books and reading. Soon, they will take over and be reading by themselves! These stories have been written with young Belizean children in mind and are intended to make learning fun. These books are accompanied by workbooks. These book of activities has been…
  • The Alchemy of Words

    The Alchemy of Words (2)

    These anthologies introduce students to the poetry, prose and dramatic works of our best Belizean writers. The Alchemy of Words: an Anthology of Belizean Literature is a two-volume anthology intended for use in first and second forms. Covering poetry, drama, and prose, it introduces students to the major genres of literature, using materials that relate to their language and experiences.
  • Atlases of Belize

    Atlases of Belize (3)

    Cubola’s comprehensive range of atlases are valuable reference tools for students and adults.
  • Maps of Belize

    Maps of Belize (9)

    Cubola's up-to-date Belizean map collection includes the only maps in the country that are periodically updated. The wall map and poster map come in sturdy cardboard tubes and are ready to hang. All map are laminated with anti-reflective surfaces. Travel maps show tourist facilities, maps of major towns and an Index.
  • Images of Belize

    Images of Belize (3)

    These small format, full colour books will bring a touch of the exotic to any coffee table and provide many hours of enjoyment as well as an opportunity to share our beautiful country with friends and acquaintances. 
  • Children's Books

    Children's Books (8)

    Cubola publishes children's books to encourage children to develop their imagination and a love for reading.
  • Cookbooks

    Cookbooks (3)

    This collection of cookbooks includes traditional Belizean dishes, vegetarian cuisine and recipes using rum.
  • Art Books

    Art Books (3)

    Published by The Image Factory and associates, these books of conceptual art and poetry are supported by Cubola.
  • Other Publications

    Other Publications (3)

    In addition to our own titles, Cubola distributes books from around the country, building on and supporting the publishing traditions we began in 1973. From self-published authors to other Belizean publishing houses, we want to provide you with the best publications Belize has to offer. The books we distribute are selected for the quality and accuracy of their content in…